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Vancouver’s Nude Vodka Makes its Ontario Debut This Month

You’re welcome Ontarians — you officially have another vodka soda option at the LCBO. Enter: Nude Vodka.

Vodka soda in cans has become a happy epidemic of sorts, with new iterations beginning to pop up in what seems like frequent fashion. However, Nude Vodka was at the helm of the first ship sailing this idea onto shelves and one of the original creators that has inspired the subsequent wave of carbonated alcoholic beverages.

Selling over 30 million cans since its British Columbia (B.C) debut in 2017, Nude Vodka has finally made its way across the country to Ontario this month.

The brand has seen exponential growth since launching two years ago, posting more than $70 million in retail sales and inspiring the subsequent launch of several vodka soda brands. “Following ongoing demand from customers in Ontario for an alternative to beer and coolers, we are thrilled to offer our Nude Vodka Soda mixer pack,” said Julius Makarewicz, CEO of Nude Vodka Soda in a press release.

As Canada’s first sugar-free 5% vodka soda, it has debuted with a mixed 12-pack —including classic lime, peach, mango, raspberry lemon and mango flavours— on shelves in the province. Each can made in B.C contains 100 calories, zero carbs, zero sugar and zero sweetener.

The Nude brand now includes sister products including gin soda, iced tea, and tequila soda—the latter set to launch in British Colombia first, this fall.

“Gradually, we hope to introduce the rest of our product portfolio to the Ontario market, supporting increased demand for guilt-free indulgences,” said Makarewicz in the release.

The brand’s entry into the Ontario market represents a key opportunity to increase revenue, with spirits claiming the largest portion of LCBO product sales in 2018 at $2.4 billion, or 38.6% of total sales.

Makarewicz grew up in a small town of Powell River, B.C and ultimately dropped out of university to feed his entrepreneurial hunger which led him to work at a number of start-ups before he noticed the gap in the beverage market.

What began as an idea in 2013 has since grown into a booming business. What makes Nude unique is its small 30 and under leadership team, composed of entrepreneurs that have Makarewicz same ambitious spirit that run the Vancouver-based operation.

Outside of consumer products, the brand is also passionate about animal welfare and rescue, donating over $75,000 to charity partner the BC SPCA helping with organizational costs and animal medical bills for those that need life-sustaining treatments. In Ontario, Nude will support the Ontario division of the SPCA by donating one percent of net sales.