The Federal Elections Could Affect Your Dating Life

This Fall, Canadians will head to the polls. And, OkCupid wanted to know how Canadians would fare away from the polling booths.

With only a few months to go until the 2019 Federal elections in Canada one thing is clear from OkCupid‘s latest poll about voting Canadians: if you don’t vote, you have a 31% chance of not getting lucky after. A third of Canadian women say they will absolutely not date someone who doesn’t vote.

A survey of the company’s Canadian members found that for Millennial and Gen Z voters – and particularly
for Millennial and Gen Z women – politics plays a much more significant role on romantic relationships. A much larger percentage (73 percent Gen Z women) said they would prefer their matches exercised their right to vote over a partner who only exercised their body.

Millennials also prefer to keep their dating within their party. 58 percent of millennial men and 71 percent of millennial women say they prefer to date someone who shares their political views. No matter this preference it is best to keep politics out of your first few dates. Less than 50 percent of both men and women would like to talk about politics on the first date.