The 2020 Bay Street Bull 30×30 Issue Has Arrived!

It’s finally here! This year’s #BSB30X30 list features young Canadian innovators and business leaders who are changing the game.


Bay Street Bull’s annual Spring 30×30 Issue takes a look at Canada’s best and youngest leaders in everything from business to fashion and technology. Canada’s diverse business ecosystem has made it a fertile ground for innovation across industries. Keeping up with the who’s who can be tough so we brought together this year’s champions of change. 

Our first ever interactive digital issue, this year’s guide speaks to the endless possibilities that lay behind adversity. In combining the elements of a traditional magazine that readers love with the possibilities of a virtual future, the 30×30 guide is a glimpse into tomorrow’s world with tomorrow’s leaders. 

Featuring individuals like social media guru Donte Colley, SmartSweets founder Tara Bosch, and Toronto royalty and HXOUSE Co-Founder La Mar Taylor, we invite you to explore Canada’s up and coming change makers through #BSB30x30

Check out the issue here and share your thoughts on social using the hashtag!