Business Power 50

The 2019 Bay Street Bull Power 50 Guide

Written by Caroline Aksich, Tristan Bronca, Erin Nicole Davis, Karolyne Ellacott, Dave Gordon, Ed Hitchins, Ben Kaplan, Chris Metler, Christopher Penrose

For so long, Canada has been associated as the quiet and unassuming nation that shyly whispered its accomplishments from the sidelines. But those days are coming to an end. We have much to be proud of and as we continue to further establish ourselves as leaders in the global landscape, we’ve found our voice. And we’ve got something to say.

We believe in progress. We believe in innovation, growth, and reflection. We believe in cultivating talent and supporting local industries while simultaneously setting forth to conquer the world. We believe in charging into the future while honouring the past. Here in the Great White North, you’ll find some of the most groundbreaking companies and leaders in the world.

That’s what our Power 50 guide is about. In our fifth annual iteration, we’ve assembled the pathfinding change-makers and visionary companies who are shaping Canada and doing us proud.  Feel free to be inspired. Be sure to use #BSBPower50 to share your thoughts on social media.

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