30x30 Business

The 2018 Bay Street Bull 30×30 Guide

Contributors: Christian Allaire, Mauricio Calero, Ross Dias, Francisco Garcia, Christina Gonzales, Alex Earl Gray, Ed Hitchins, Iveta Karpathyova Christopher Metler, Arti Patel, Christopher Penrose, Nabil Shash

Our youth are the future.

Things are a bit tense right now. Political leaders are acting out, the environment is wasting away, and protests are now a regular fixture of the cultural landscape (and rightfully so.) But during times of struggle come opportunities for progress and optimism. More than ever, we look to the future with a newfound drive to make a change.

In our second annual 30X30 guide, we’ve assembled a group of inspiring individuals who are paving the road ahead for the rest to follow. They challenge us to be better, think differently, and move society forward. They are trailblazing entrepreneurs, freedom fighters, brilliant minds, thought-provoking artists, and more. And if they are any indication of the future, we’d say it’s looking pretty bright from here.

This is the Bay Street Bull 30X30 Class of 2018.


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