Photos: Veuve Clicquot Kicks off Yelloweek at Hotel X Toronto

Fun in the sun.

At Hotel X’s sunny New Fort Hall, Veuve Clicquot introduced Toronto’s movers and shakers to Veuve Clicquot Rich, the french champagne house’s first champagne inspired by mixology.

At cocktail building stations, guests could add tea, peppers or pineapples to thier Veuve Clicquot Rich for a fresh and fruity late afternoon beverage. Fashion artist Chris Nevin sketched up illustrations for guests as a beautiful keepsake from the event that they could take home along with a fresh bouquet of spring flowers.

The indoor solarium was decked out with bright yellow furniture as well as white flower arrangements and shrubbery that looked to be shipped over from the gardens at Versailles. Guests were dressed in bright greens and yellow, complementing the colours placed in the all-glass room and celebrating the unofficial kick off to the Summer season.

Browse photos from the event below.

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