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Mix up this Peppery Pomelo with Levenswater For Your Next Garden Party

If you’re hosting this summer, a signature cocktail for you event is a must.

For the next garden party, barbeque, or get together with friends and family, serve up this refreshing creation with small-batch Niagara-made premium gin, Levenswater Spring 34, (now available at the LCBO). The natural lightly rose-tinted gin offers an aromatic adventure that celebrates Canada’s diverse culture and history.

Levenswater Peppery Pomelo 


2 oz Levenswater Spring 34

2 or 3 slices jalapeño, seeds removed

2 large basil leaves

1 oz St Germain

2 oz Pomelo juice

Club soda (optional)

Garnish: Pink grapefruit/pomelo slice and a sprig of basil

Glass: Stemless wineglass or highball glass


Combine gin, jalapeño slices, and basil leaves in a liquid measuring cup and muddle a bit to release the flavor of the jalapeño and basil. Let sit for at least 15 minutes.

Wet the rim of a glass with pomelo juice and coat with sugar (optional). Fill with ice.

Strain the gin into a cocktail shaker and add the St Germain and Pomelo juice. Stir or shake to combine and pour into the ice-filled glass