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How to Build A Beauty Brand According to Nudestix Co-founder, Taylor Frankel

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Taylor Frankel is a force to behold.

She’s a 22-year-old social media maverick and co-founder (along with her mother, Jenny, and younger sister, Ally) of popular luxury make-up brand, Nudestix. Her role as the company’s Chief Inspiration Officer (CIO) involves an understanding of the brand’s legion of fans in order to lead the company’s vision and path forward.

Nudestix is much more than a straightforward make-up company — it’s also a lifestyle brand built on authenticity and empowerment. Their philosophy is to create make-up that will accent a woman’s already-existing beauty so that she can be her best self. Frankel embodies this philosophy of confidence in the way she walks through life and operates her business.

During Small Business Month, we sat down with Frankel at the launch of the new American Express (Amex) Business Edge card – a new business Card that offers 3X the points on eligible eats and drinks, rides and gas, and office supplies and electronics; and one point for all other purchases. Frankel also shared insight into her entrepreneurial journey, the lessons she’s learned along the way, and how Amex is championing small business owners.

You and your sister started Nudestix with your mom, who is a beauty industry veteran. What is the most valuable lesson that you’ve learned from her?

Witnessing her work ethic has really inspired and taught me, firstly, that there’s no job that’s too small, especially as an entrepreneur. You really have to get your hands dirty in all parts of the business. She’s taught me that it’s not the destination, but the journey [that matters], and to enjoy the process. 

She’s also given me the confidence to share my voice. When we launched Nudestix, I was 17 years old, and I remember she would give my sister and I the confidence to [know that] people want to hear what you have to say. At that age you’re quite fearful and don’t want to embarrass yourself. Giving us that confidence has really helped drive us to where we are today.

What is some advice you would give to a young woman who wants to start a business?

I would say be prepared to make sacrifices because launching a business looks great on social media, but there’s a lot of work that happens behind the scenes. Whether it’s having sleepless nights about what your next product launch is going to be or travelling abroad and being jet lagged all the time, running a business is a 24/7 job. I think working with people is probably one of the most difficult things because you need to continue to inspire those who work for you. You need to keep them motivated all the time and it’s difficult. It’s hard to create an amazing team that supports and empowers you. As a young girl who’s looking to start a business, I would say, find a niche. Have both the rational and emotive reason to exist. 

How important do you think the new American Express Business Edge card is for smaller businesses?

The new Amex Business Edge Card is amazing – it’s all about supporting small business owners to help them grow. I love that business owners are getting rewarded for everyday purchases they’re already making like taking a ride-share to a meeting, ordering a team lunch, or buying new office supplies. 

Are you optimistic about the future of entrepreneurship?

I think the great thing about our generation — and this goes for the millennial generation or even my sister who’s more a Gen Z — is that we want to save the world. We want to save our planet. We want to save our communities. I think that there’s going to be so much innovation that comes out of our generation because we are creating things out of authentic needs. We’re not creating things out of the desire to be wealthy or the desire to get to the top. We’re creating things out of the need to make a difference. And I think that’s what’s different. That’s the difference between our generation and the past.