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How JennAir is Redefining the Luxury Kitchen

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As Consumer tastes change in the kitchen, JennAir keeps pace with their appliances.

Being luxurious has usually meant being part of a special club, to indulge in something available to few other people. From bags to cars — luxury has given us numerous copies of a singular thing. The paradoxical consequence of this idea has been the standardization of opulence, which has tended to breed boredom. 

A study conducted by market research and consulting firm Ipsos shows more than 80 percent of luxury consumers believe the definition of luxury is rapidly changing — a fact that JennAir appliance brand thoroughly understands.

Many consumers of luxury goods want products and services to be customized to their lifestyle, rather than having a carbon copy of conventional luxury, according to a Deloitte Global report. Enter: the modern era in which luxury is now synonymous with progress.

Luckily, progress is the name of the game for JennAir  — it always has been — the brand’s founder Lou Jenn was responsible for the invention of downdraft ventilation. This pioneering legacy is baked into everything that JennAir has done since, and now the brand is known for its iconoclastic designs that defy tradition. It is constantly improving upon the past and crafting pieces that integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle and personal design preferences. This is in line with JennAir’s creative mission “Bound By Nothing,” which allows it the freedom to rebel against convention and craft endlessly customizable pieces that marry efficiency with beauty.

According to Forbes, 2019 is the year that luxury brands have had to shift focus to the human aspect of the digital revolution in response to the ever-growing younger consumer base born in the digital era.

While some brands, like JennAir, have been able to adapt to the technological revolution, others have lagged at making the connection to the human aspect. 

The brand’s Rise™ and Noir™ design expressions exemplify this mission spectacularly. Both lines offer a full suite of kitchen appliances including, the industry’s quietest luxury Dishwashers, customizable Column Refrigerators , tech-focused Commercial Ranges & Wall Ovens, and module Cooktops.

The Rise Double Wall Oven will seamlessly mould to your life, whatever it may be. The wifi-enabled wall oven caters to every need that might arise in the kitchen. The Culinary Centre function utilizes special algorithms to help you cook your meal to perfection by taking into account pan type, preferred temperature and desired doneness, along with offering you step-by-step support featuring full-colour photographs — it is essentially your digital sous chef.

The My Creations function allows you to store up to 10 of your favourite recipes with up to 3 cooking steps each, it can determine if you would like to bake, broil, or keep food warm, and specify your desired cook time for each. Both of these tech enhancements blend luxury with functionality seamlessly, matching the fast-paced technological world we’re living in. With a no-preheat mode and a “Keep Warm” function, the Rise Double Wall Oven is the ideal ally for every occasion.

It’s also a beauty to behold — dark glass encases the V2™ Vertical Dual-Fan Convection interior. The chef’s light is capable of illuminating the sleek racks and jet-black insides, and deliciously display your masterpiece. If sleek design is your thing, the NOIR cooking appliances also feature dark glass stretching from one side to the other creating a modern look for today’s luxury kitchen.  

JennAir makes luxury as unique and individual as the consumer is, allowing you to be as creative as you want to be. 

If luxury is that which is personal, then it makes sense for a brand to be infinitely evolving to keep pace with the ever-changing nature of consumers.