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Editors’ Picks: Upgrade Your Home With The Functional Transformer Table

Transformer Table

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— Transformer Table —

Item: Transformer Table 

Price: $1,499- $1,799

Why we love it: A table that grows and adapts to your life style and needs, the Transformer Table is the perfect addition to any home.

If there is anything 2020 has taught us, it is that you should always expect the unexpected. Whether it’s an unexpected dinner with the in-laws or reuniting with friends, your space should adapt as you do, fitting with the demands of your life. 

Canadian architecture and design company, Transformer Table (TT), has been making functional furniture its mission since launching. With the idea that your furniture should grow as you do CEO and Founder, Soslan Tsoutsiev, with his team of designers and engineers has now created the world’s most multifunctional, expandable table. Expanding from 18 inches to 118 inches the table’s versatility makes it ideal for any home or gathering. 

Richard Mabley, VP of Business Development at Transformer Table says since the beginning of the pandemic the product has become a must have for anyone looking to optimize their work from home life. 

“Transformer Table is ideally suited to serve every need whether its work, dining or play. Owners can use their TT as a breakfast nook in the morning on its smallest setting; spread out your work throughout the day on an expanded setting; and then spread your TT all the way for a feast with the family in the evening,” says Mabley.

With six tables in one, this functional statement piece is really the only table you’ll ever need whether you are managing confined apartment spaces or large dining rooms and hallways. Combining the table with the Transformer Bench can create shared working or living spaces comfortable for everyone. 

Sourced, designed and built in Canada, the Transformer Table and it’s accompanying products are sold in a variety of finishes and materials conveniently and exclusively online