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Editors’ Picks: The Samsung Galaxy Fold is the Phone of the Future

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— Samsung Galaxy Fold —

Available: Available in Cosmos Black exclusively at Samsung Experience Stores across the country

Why we love it: The Samsung Galaxy Fold is a dream come true for any person who wants to be more productive — which, perhaps, is all of us. For the first time in smartphone history, Samsung has brought us a phone and tablet all in one, packaged in a lustrously unique, category-defining design.

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Ostensibly a touch-screen phone, the Galaxy Fold opens up on a precision-crafted hinge inspired by the intricacies of watch mechanics. The seam is comprised of interlocking gears that remain hidden in back by the sleek body of the phone, and in front it’s cloaked by the Infinity Flex Display.

So far, the phone has been stunning YouTube creators, actors such as Millie Bobby Brown, and influencers alike — all because of its versatility. No matter the kind of creator you are, no matter the kind of work you do, the Galaxy Fold adapts to each user, ensuring that you’re at your best whenever you need to be. That means no more clumsy handling thanks to an ergonomic design with easy-to-access fingerprint scanners located on the side, increased visual real estate for a more immersive viewing experience, and Multi Active Windows, which allows you to operate three apps simultaneously so you can get your work done faster and easier.

Featuring the world’s first-ever folding 7.3-inch Dynamic AMOLED Infinity Flex Display, which comes protected, the screen is the perfect answer to our desires for more vibrant screens. There are brains behind this beauty, too. The processor is able to outperform some traditional smartphones, and even certain laptops. The 12 GB RAM enables powerful performance for gaming and intuitive multitasking, where you can simultaneously run three apps. It also boasts 512 GB of storage and a jaw-dropping six cameras (including wide-angle, telephoto, selfie, and more) to capture all of life’s big (and little) moments.

Really delivering on the “smart” in smartphone as no other device ever has, the Galaxy Fold is able to adapt to your habits and anticipate which app you will need at a certain time of day, allowing you to never lose trail of your thoughts as you reach for something to jot it down.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold truly is the best of both worlds. A polished, compact gadget that will become the assistant you never thought you needed, this phone will help you live your best life.