Editors’ Holiday Picks: Sonos Move, the Ideal Do-It-All Speaker

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Speakers, so many speakers. Big, small, bluetooth, wi-fi, indoor, outdoor — the list of options can be endless. Unfortunately though, we are often left to choose between one or two features, prioritizing what we want most. Thanks to the new Sonos Move we no longer have to choose. While it sits at a slightly steeper price point than comparables on the market, the quality and portability Move offers makes it worth it. 

— Sonos Move —

Price: $499 CAD
Available here

Why we love it:
Crisp, powerful, portable (and cordless).  For starters, the sound is incredible and packs big boom for your buck. The versatility and freedom offered in the “Move” aspect isn’t found in other speakers on the market. Spotify? News? Audible? You can listen to it all.

If you self identify as an audiophile like myself, then sound quality is number one when it comes to the listening experience. However, in today’s world product duality and versatility is becoming just as important. This speaker has a number of first-time features for Sonos: a replaceable battery, supports Bluetooth and is built for both indoor and outdoor use. 

What makes it “outdoor”? The outer shell is strong and durable, with an IP56 rating for the techies out there. What that means is,  it will survive drops, falls, rain, moisture, UV rays, dust and and varied temperatures — making moving from one location to the next effortless. Take it from the house to the deck to the pool, or during these holiday months bring it fireside. The Bluetooth feature means you can take it out of Wi-Fi range. While it is on the larger side, if you’re a traveller you can take this with you to distant locales — think Après Ski in a cozy chalet or escaping the cold on an island somewhere with your favourite tracks playing in the background. For at home use, it’s even better if you have existing Sonos products that you can pair this with. 

The Trueplay Tuning feature is what propels the sound to elite levels. You can toggle this feature on or off, it will automatically adjust the sound depending on the environment and room you are in. You can use it as is, or go in and further personalize your listening preferences by adjusting the treble/bass on top of your existing Trueplay setting.After countless hours trying different genres, acoustics and bass levels, everything from Elvis to Nirvana to Lizzo to Dean Martin’s Christmas Album, the sound didn’t falter. Whether you’re in a closed room or a wide open environment with no walls to reflect the sound, it maintains clarity and power.

Quick Breakdown of Features:

  • up to ten hours of battery life
  •  touch and voice control
  • built-in rechargeable and replaceable battery (good for 900 charges or roughly 3 years)
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-enable
  • can be linked to other Sonos speakers in your home system
  • oval docking system for charging rather than a plug in cord (charge takes about 3 hours)
  • integrated handle on the back makes it easy to carry from place to place
  • onboard microphones and support for either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for voice controls while continuing to play music
  • Compatible with more than 100 streaming services (even Audible and Pocket Casts)