Clubhouse Launches on Android in Canada

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After a year of iPhone exclusivity, the viral audio drop-in platform, Clubhouse, has finally launched its beta app for Android in Canada.

The app, which gained notoriety for being invite-only, launched during the early days of the pandemic in April 2020. The drop-in virtual rooms allow users to soak in the knowledge of speakers, while moderators can open up the chat for users to interact. Some liken it to an audio version of Twitter or listening in to a podcast as it’s being made, though Clubhouse has managed to hold its own as a social media platform and even carving out a new form of networking. 

After steadily growing throughout 2020, the platform saw a major spike in users in January 2021, as the buzz of Clubhouse as the newest “it” social media platform took over social circles.

It seemed to be particularly popular in the business world, as some of its early users and “rooms” featured prominent business leaders and entrepreneurs as speakers. Providing users with the much-needed feeling of connection, which had all but disappeared when office doors and in-person networking events were shut down, as well as exclusive access to thought leaders, saw the platform soar.

Still in beta mode, as of May 2021, Clubhouse reportedly has 10 million active weekly users around the world and is valued at $1 billion. Through launching on Android, the platform nearly doubles its amount of potential users in Canada, as 45.85 percent of mobile uses in the country use an Android device (compared to 53.55 percent for iOS aka iPhone). The platform has also launched its Android app in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, with plans to expand the offering to more countries in the coming months.

It’s typically few and far between that a social media platform rises above the rest to become a staple on everyone’s mobile device, but with the addition of Android users, Clubhouse is sure on its way. To see what it’s all about, download Clubhouse—and snag an invite to join.

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