Car-sharing is making a return to Toronto

The car-booking company will allow users use any vehicle in the fleet and drive it

Written by Sammy Abdo

City officials announced on Tuesday the return of car-sharing after Car2Go departed in May. Communauto, operating out of Montreal, will begin putting a fleet of 200 cars on the road by early November. The move is in an effort to reduce transportation costs for families, reduce congestion in the streets and keeping emissions low in residential areas.

Communauto already operates in Montreal, Halifax, Ottawa and Hamilton. It follows Car2Go, who left the city after restrictive parking laws and heavy fines. The deal is part an 18-month trial which began in April, and Communauto will have initial pickup and dropoff zones at High Park and Runnymede to the west, Dupont and Danforth in the north and Victoria Park in the east.