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Budweiser Reveals Its Plans For BBQ Insurance

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Grill without fear this summer. Budweiser’s foray into the insurance market will ensure your barbecue plans are covered.

When the King of Beers announced its plans to enter a new and seemingly random vertical last week, many people were questioning the move. A beer brand in insurance? Now, the company is clearing up exactly what type of insurance it will be entering: barbecue insurance.

This lifestyle-focused insurance builds on the brand’s dedication to being the perfect accompaniment at all of summer’s festivities around the grill. Allowing Canadians to plan and execute their backyard get-togethers with peace of mind.

“Barbecue season is here and Budweiser knows how much Canadians have been looking forward to firing up their grills,” said Mike D’Agostini, Senior Marketing Director, Budweiser Canada. “There’s been a lot of unpredictability this year and we wanted to protect Canadians love of grilling. Budweiser BBQ Insurance is an exciting venture for the brand and while we may have left some of the details out originally, we hope the added buzz will help Canadians know Bud has their back.”

As the world opens back up, and barbecues are sure to become a weekly summer fix every weekend, there is a lot to look forward to. However, there is also a lot that goes into a successful barbecue: good music, good food, good drinks, and most importantly, good weather. 

Budweiser knows that some of these factors can be unpredictable; like when that sunny day turns into a summer storm or your friend Jack burns all of the burgers beyond the point of being edible, again

With Budweiser BBQ Insurance, Canadians who are of legal drinking age can complete a claim submission at, for whenever their barbecue plans go south. 

By submitting a claim, you’ll automatically qualify for a chance to receive a Budweiser BBQ Insurance package, valued up to $2,500. The company will be doing a weekly draw for secondary claim packages and three separate draws for the top claim package throughout the summer.

“Our consumers love to barbecue and because of that it is a platform that we have always activated around,” said D’Agostini. “We wanted to take our dedication to barbecue season one step further this year by creating something totally ownable for Budweiser and the out-of-the-box nature of BBQ Insurance does just that.”

With the long weekend around the corner and many sunny days ahead, feel confident knowing that your barbecue plans are looked after with Budweiser BBQ Insurance.

Canadians of legal drinking age can start making their claims now, in advance of the first top claim package and secondary claim package draws taking place on June 30. Visit for full contest rules and to make a claim for a chance at receiving coverage.

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