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Budweiser is Entering the Insurance Market?!

Budweiser Insurance Building

The “King of Beers” is now the “King of Insurance.”

Budweiser just announced that they are entering the insurance market. The company plans to have a modern take on classic insurance plans by offering a new type of coverage that’s currently unavailable to Canadians.

The unprecedented move may seem unconventional, but the brand intends to double down on the millennial market by ensuring their busy lifestyles are covered. 

Budweiser hopes that diversifying its portfolio will help the company stand out as we enter a post-COVID world, encouraging consumers to “enjoy life responsibly.” And sees this summer as the perfect chance to try something new.

Mike D’Agostini, Budweiser Senior Marketing Director, Labatt Breweries of Canada, knows there may be some questions about the new venture, but explains why it makes sense for the brand.

“Unconventional as insurance may seem, Budweiser is known for putting our customers first. The pandemic opened our eyes to this untapped opportunity, which is aimed at providing better security for Canadians and enabling them to live the life they want.”

Given the unpredictability of COVID-19, it’s safe to say that we’ve learned it’s important to focus on insuring life experiences for today, not tomorrow. 

Budweiser Insurance will be open to Canadians of legal drinking age in the coming weeks.

More details are expected to follow soon.

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