Black Lives Matter: Our Statement

Black Lives Matter

Rathnelly Group Media (Bay Street Bull, GLORY) has always worked to amplify and highlight the diversity of talent and voices in Canada. It is one of our core values and informs the decision-making process throughout our organization, from editorial coverage to the hiring of new staff and contributors. In order to continue this mission, it is critical to acknowledge the disproportionate struggles that members of our community face every day. We stand in solidarity with the black community against all forms of racism, oppression, and violence and have reflected internally to see how we can commit and hold ourselves accountable.

In the short-term, we will be making a donation to The Bail Project and Black Lives Matter Toronto to support the black community here in Canada and our neighbours in the US. In addition, we will be providing resources online for those in our audience looking to donate, educate themselves, and connect with community members. In the long-term, we commit to highlighting excellence and leadership in the black professional community, and will be seeking counsel from various business organizations to inform ourselves on how best we can do so.

The need for change is long overdue. As we commit to this mission, we will continue to listen to our audience and welcome any feedback or suggestions to be better in what we do.