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Arterra Wines Pay Homage to the Pioneer of Niagara Wine

“The Audacity of Thomas G. Bright” is a distinctively Canadian ode to a local wine pioneer.

Varietal: Cabernet sauvignon merlot blend

Aroma: Dark cherries, vanilla spice, mocha

Tasting notes: Dark fruits, vanilla and baking spices

Style: Full-bodied

Alcohol/Vol: 13.5%

Price: $16.95 in Ontario, $17.99 in British Columbia

A whisky-barrel finished cabernet sauvignon merlot and a chardonnay sussreserve are available in Ontario and British Colombia. The wine is dedicated to—and named after—Thomas G. Bright, who in 1874 introduced European grapes to the Niagara growing region despite the soil conditions, Canadian climate and an army of naysayers.

The wines are celebration of his commitment to quality and innovation. “Anyone who has ever enjoyed a glass of Canadian wine owes a debt to,” said Arterra Wines Canada in a statement. “He was a bold risk-tasker who defied the odds to build an industry from the ground up. With this new launch, we’re thrilled to honour his legacy and raise a glass to all those who share his audacious spirit.”

The label features an illustration of Bright and the bottle features a dedication to the year Bright was finally able to succeed on the neck.