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9 Specialty Face Masks for Children, Frontline Workers, and the Deaf


While face masks can be uncomfortable their positive impact on flattening the curve is definitive. September is quickly approaching and along with it comes concerns for the safety of Canadians as talks of a second wave of corona virus have been top of mind. With more businesses opening and elementary schools receiving the okay to open, with regulations, in a short couple of weeks ensuring children, teachers and front line workers are properly protected is essential.

In anticipation of back to school, back to work (for some) and the rising accessibility concerns caused by face masks, here are 9 mask retailers you can purchase from right now that will have you covered, literally. 

No Mask No Service 

Locally made face mask brand No Mask No Service is introducing tween-to-teen stretch masks on Thursday August 27 that look good and feel even better. The multicoloured masks are lightweight, breathable and washable for comfortable day to day wear. The bamboo fiber lining is comfortable against the skin to prevent irritation. The masks designed by Amanda Lew Kee sell in packs of three and five with free shipping across Canada. 

Orders on these stylish kids masks can be made here through direct message. 

Image courtesy of No Mask No Service.
Image Courtesy of KOMBI website.


Well known for their winter accessories, KOMBI, is now making kid-friendly face masks with antimicrobial materials. With a removable filter to continuous maximum protection and a nose bar to ensure comfort and fit, the KOMBI masks are a great option for busy kids. Unlike mosts face masks on the market, KOMBI masks have bendable ear guards that reduce friction and irritation. 

Starting at $14.95 the masks can be purchased here.


Toronto based premium silk brand CILQUE, has launched mulberry silk face masks. Known for its line of silk sheets, pillowcases, eye masks and scrunchies the brand has applied the same skin improving silk to their mask line. Ideal for sensitive skins or cotton allergies, CILQUE’s masks look great and feel better for all day wear. 

For every online order made CILQUE will donate a portion of revenue to the Children’s Aid Foundation in support of vulnerable youth. 

Masks can be bought here for Price: $29 CAD.

Image courtesy of Cilque
Image courtesy of Mingle Mask Instagram.

Mingle Masks 

Invisible and ergonomic, Mingle Masks are completely transparent allowing facial recognition and visibility without compromising protection. The perfect combination of a face shield and a mask, these masks are one size fits all with a ventilation gap that prevents fogging and condensation. It even has a chin rest!

Mingle Masks are perfect for the hearing impaired, children, the retail and service industry and more. 

Leaf Health Care

Leaf Health Care face masks adapt as you do. If there is one thing the coronavirus pandemic should teach us, it’s to stay prepared. Leaf masks allow for exchangeable filters so you can stay up to date on the latest filters that prevent the spread of bacteria that can cause COVID-19.

The masks come in two models LEAF UV and LEAF Pro. Both are equipped with a UV-C light built into the filter that destroys pathogens at a DNA level. This means the HEPA filter can be used for up to a month without compromising safety. The outside of the mask has also been coated with an anti-microbial and hydrophobic material that destroys 99.99% of a number of microbes.

Leaf Health Care Masks can be purchased here.

Image courtesy of Narces Instagram


Toronto based women’s wear line NARCES has repurposed materials from their infamous red-carpet and evening wear gowns to create masks with filter pockets for health care workers. The brand has now created a line of adjustable masks for children aged 2-10 years old in addition to their line of adult masks. With the option to ship to your home or pick up locally the masks are available within 48 hours of purchase. 

Masks range from $30-$100 and can be purchased here.

Peace Collective

Well known Canadian clothing company, Peace Collective has released a line of specialty masks for kids. Available in black and maroon the masks are simple, effective and uniform friendly. The Peace Collective donates from each mask purchased, a mask to a front line worker in need. In high demand, a 1-2 week wait time from time of purchase should be expected.

A two pack of children’s masks sells for $30 here.

Image courtesy of Peace Collective website

Lil Miss Dress-Up

Canadian made Lil Miss Dress-Up is making custom masks for the whole family. With sizes ranging from 2 years old to adult men and women’s sizing, the custom face coverings are perfect for back to school and work. Masks are double layered with adjustable earloops for more optimal comfort. 

Prices range from $10 to $25 and can be purchased through the website

The ClearMask

Ideal for frontline workers, this fully transparent surgical mask provides full facial visibility. The ergonomic design allows for comfort and breathability without compromising protection. Equipped with anti-fog, the mask blocks aerosols, fluids and sprays  meeting industry standards for water and fluid resistance and anti-flammability.  For added comfort the masks can be bought in two styles with either adjustable straps or single ties.  

Bulk and small orders can be made through their website.

Image courtesy of Clear Mask