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8 Podcasts Produced or Hosted By Women

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Of all forms of content media, podcasts are among the most convenient and adaptable. They can fit seamlessly into any daily routine, whether you choose to play them first thing in the morning, during your morning run, or right before bed. Even better, given the ever-growing number of podcasts being released every day, you’re guaranteed to find at least one show or more that speaks to your unique interests, no matter the topic. 

Whether you want to be inspired, instructed, reduced to tears or brought to laughter, there are countless podcasts out there designed by women, about women, for women. From tech and finance to cybercrime, relationships, and culture, here are eight podcasts produced or hosted by women.

1. #CIBCInnovationEconomy

This podcast series takes on the changing dynamics of the innovation economy in North America. Produced and managed by a team of powerful, fearless women in the traditionally male-dominated industries of banking and finance, the show shines a spotlight on how today’s leaders, entrepreneurs, experts, and venture capitalists are working to leverage the technologies of tomorrow. This smart, insightful show is a must for those interested in all things tech and innovation. Learn firsthand from prominent business leaders how they are making an impact with the technologies they choose and what still needs to happen to create a better future. Look for season three, airing soon on March 25th.

2. C-Suite:

Thanks to our increasing reliance on technology and its omnipresent role in our work and personal lives, cybercrime has evolved to become one of the greatest threats to our online existence, potentially affecting millions of people every day. Fortunately, Claudette McGowan, TD Bank’s Global Executive Officer for Cyber Security, is here to share how cyber-attacks happen and what can be done to prevent them. Tackling everything cybercrime—from ransomware, phishing schemes, and robocalls to huge corporate hacks—McGowan presents the actual experiences of real-life people, complete with a running analysis from experts to help you work out exactly what happened and why, and what we can all learn to keep ourselves #connectedandprotected. 

3. The Coco & Breezy Podcast:

Created and hosted by Coco and Breezy Dotson, founders of the incredibly stylish eyewear chain of the same name, this empowering bimonthly podcast provides an honest, unfiltered, and raw look into the lives of these creative twin sister designers, along with the hardships facing female entrepreneurs and people of color. The show covers all aspects of existence, from choosing your own narrative and the pursuit of happiness to the need to amplify the voices of African American women. You will doubtless come away from this podcast feeling empowered, inspired, and ready to take control of your own narrative. 

4. Unlocking Us with Brené Brown:

Best known for her eye-opening TED talk on “The Power of Vulnerability,” Professor Brené Brown is a bestselling author and expert on important topics for living such as shame, resilience, and purpose. Essentially, everything that brings meaning to our lives! A perfect mixture of hope, wit, and difficult conversations, this podcast alternates between stand-alone episodes and interviews with a whole host of eminent guests, including Dolly Parton, Joe Biden, and Melinda Gates. All things considered, Unlocking Us with Brené Brown is a must-listen, simply for Brown’s ability to make her in-depth and meticulous research feel both incredibly personal and infinitely relatable.

5. Kalki Presents: My Indian Life:

Shining a light on the unique experiences of young Indian adults growing up in the 21st century, this podcast is hosted by Bollywood actress, Kalki Koechlin. Listen to stories of all kinds, from the tales of a female drag king, a male belly dancer, and a transgender model, to those recounted by ordinary heroes fighting to end sex trafficking and drug overdoses in a society where such topics are considered deeply abhorrent and taboo. Whether you’re a tourist visiting or resident living in India, or you simply have an interest in this fascinating country, Kalki Presents: My Indian Life provides insight into the important issues affecting Indian people today.

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6. Radio Headspace:

During these times, we’re more in need of mindfulness than ever before. Produced by Leah Sutherland and Morgan Selzer and hosted by Headspace founder Andy Puddicombe, Radio Headspace is a fantastic tool for introspection and reflection. A necessary daily ritual for countless listeners, this podcast allows you to pause the everyday hustle and bustle to consider what brings humans together and how best to live up to your potential in a meaningful and intentional way. We strongly recommend listening to this podcast in conjunction with the associated meditation app, available for free in both the Apple Store and Google Play.

7. The Michelle Obama Podcast:

What could be more inspiring and empowering than to hear first-hand from Michelle Obama, public figure, role model, attorney, style icon, and former First Lady of the United States? Much like her best-selling memoir, Becoming, this podcast provides a platform for Obama to share her beliefs, worldview, and experiences in her own words and on her own terms. In a political atmosphere increasingly marred by hostility, disillusion, and division, The Michelle Obama Podcast reminds us of the importance of empathy and grace. Enhanced by appearances from her personal friends and family members, Obama effortlessly offsets the personal with the political and delves into everything from health, raising kids, working women, to staying motivated during this pandemic.

8. Take Back Talk Back:

Pushing beyond the boundaries of other finance-related podcasts, Take Back Talk Back aims to reclaim the conversation to help women build critical life skills involving financial literacy and confidence. Hosted by Kim and Sarah of EQ Bank, this brand new podcast features a series of guest interviews with inspiring leaders sharing finance tips and tricks. Listen and learn the crucial knowledge and skills you need to manage your money effectively, with new episodes being released every other week.

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