Master Class

3 Lessons on Brand Differentiation from Katie Rosenberg, Product Developer at Elxr Juice Lab

Written by Amanda Scriver

While some may call juicing a trend, for the team at Elxr Juice Lab, it’s more than just a health fad. Since 2015, Elxr Juice Lab has been providing simple, wholesome nutrition to everyone from health fanatics to food lovers.

All over Canada, various juice companies are popping up and offering up what used to be labelled as hippie potion: activated charcoal cure-alls, nut milks, and green juices pressed from leafy greens. So how does a brand continue to innovate? How does it distinguish itself from other brands that do the exact same thing?

We sat down with Katie Rosenberg, Product Developer at Elxr Juice Lab to learn how she helps Exlr stand out.

Develop an offering that’s exciting as well as functional. 

Each person on the Elxr team is a foodie, so we want all of our products to be delicious, but we want them to be functional as well. A lot of our drinks include “elixir”-type ingredients like turmeric and ginger. At the end of the day, we want customers to be happy with what we offer from a taste standpoint, but we also take it one step further by including functional ingredients and training our staff to understand and educate on the health benefits of each of our products. I have a background in nutrition, which means I am always on the lookout for new and interesting health trends. When customers say they want more algae in a drink, I look for ways to make the ingredient shine and taste good too.

Connect with people on an emotional level. 

We recently branched out and created a line of parfaits. When I think about foods that I love, I think about carrot cake, toasted s’mores, and peanut butter and jam. These are foods that will never get old. We’ve tapped into nostalgia by providing customers with products they can connect with emotionally: we now have a really loyal following for our parfaits. That’s important to us because we’re always trying to make products that are inspiring. It’s a great feeling when you’re putting something out into the world that people feel compelled to buy.

Simplify your product packaging, so that your true product can shine. 

The team internally meets quite often to discuss new ways to showcase the vibrant colours and array of ingredients that customers find in each Elxr juice, granola or parfait. When it comes to design, our approach is simple, clean and minimalist. Your product packaging should make your true product shine, and the product should speak for itself. In such a noisy marketplace, where there are so many fonts and so many colours, a product that has a quiet, beautifully balanced presentation will stand out.