12 Eco-Friendly, Fashionable Finds to Buy This Earth Month

Made Out of recycled and recovered materials, these fashion picks are stylish and sustainable.

Earth Month is the perfect time to applaud the fashion labels making significant inroads into sustainability and investing in more eco-friendly alternatives for the long term by voting with our wallets. After all, it’s one thing to marvel abstractly that a beautiful garment can be fully made out of recycled plastic, and another to actually support these industry innovations and efforts by making a purchase.

The great news is that it’s easier than ever to find apparel and athletic footwear at all price points that is made out of sustainable materials—both mass-market retailers and luxury fashion houses have made it a priority in recent years to incorporate textiles made using recycled or recovered materials into their seasonal offerings.

Here are a dozen eco-friendly finds for spring you can feel good purchasing.

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