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10 Eco Friendly Products to Include in your Daily Routines

Being eco friendly is easier than you might think. Incorporating small alternatives in your daily routine can seriously reduce your footprint. Here is a list of 10 easy to incorporate products that will make you and the environment feel good. 

Allbirds Footwear

Popularized for their comfort and all day wear, Allbirds Footwear also allows you to feel guilt free with their approach to sustainability. Using mother nature as their muse, Allbirds’ uses everything from plastic bottles to cardboard and castor oil to create their shoes. Temperature regulating merino wool and tree fibre make the shoes breathable eco friendly and easy to wear.

Reusable kitchen products

Kitchen’s are the heart of most homes, and usually the centre of waste production. Almost every disposable product used in your kitchen can be swapped for more environmentally friendly options. Single use things like paper towels, sandwich bags, coffee filters and more can be switched for reusable materials. OnyaLife has a full line of kitchen and household products that are reusable.

Rechargeable batteries

Made up of a number of harsh and harmful chemicals, batteries are one of the worst polluters when wrongfully disposed of. Batteries that end up in landfills release their chemicals and enter groundwater. This inturn releases different acids and corrosive materials into our air causing acid rain and other complications. This first step to fixing this is reducing the use of batteries as a whole. Where not possible, prolonging the life of batteries by investing in rechargeable battery brands will reduce waste and landfill pollution.

Water saving shower head

As easy as installing and forgetting about it, a water saving shower head is a fool proof way to save more than 50% of an individual’s water consumption. It can be very easy to forget just how long you’ve been in the shower for. By incorporating either of these smart water release systems, you no longer have to worry.

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Solid shampoo bars

Unwrapped Life has created an entire line of shampoo and conditioners sans plastic. Not many would consider how much plastic waste is produced from the containers our products are held in. Unwrapped’s line of shampoos and conditioners cover all your hair needs whether you’re combating dry and damaged hair or trying to maintain dyed colouring. 

Revamp your skincare and make-up routine

Designed to be cosmetic products that also help maintain skin health, Jane Iredale, has been making mineral based and natural beauty products since 1994. With refillable and reusable containers, this company reduces plastic and chemical waste.

Invest in energy and money saving thermostats

Large scale energy conservation company, Parity, uses smart learning technology to monitor and adapt to when residents do and don’t use energy, saving multi family buildings thousands of dollars. With condo-fees increasing as families continue to work from home installing smart thermostats and energy management systems are a great way to reduce CO2 emissions and cost.


Solar powered chargers

Popularized by camping and other outdoor activities, solar powered chargers are a great alternative to using outsets. Not only does it cost absolutely nothing to pull energy from the sun but you’ll never need to look for an outlet again. You can charge your phone wherever you can find sunlight. 

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Power-saving outlets

It is easy to overlook the amount of energy that is pulled throughout the day from idle power sockets. Power saving outlet adapters make it possible to put energy sockets in a power save mode to stop pulling energy. Not only is this helpful in reducing CO2 emissions but it can reduce your monthly energy consumption and bills. 

All natural cleaning products

Family owned and made in Canada, Souris Verte, has a complete line of all natural cleaning and sanitizing products. The line includes everything from stain removing sponges to window and surface cleaner so that your home can be cleaned without the use of harmful chemicals.

In addition to cleaning, Souris Verte has a full line of natural cough and cold products and a baby collection.